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The ninja is a master of many skills. Here you will learn every facet of the AWS cloud and become a certified Solutions Architect Associate—quickly!

With our online course you just watch the videos, take our practice exams, and you’ll be ready to pass the test at an Amazon testing partner in your town or online. You’ll even get a personal review session with one of our trainers!

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Long, boring screen-capture videos waste your time. Instead, we took out all the filler and made just 6 hours of succinct videos to efficiently teach you every concept you’ll need for the Solutions Architect Associate exam.

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We dropped you 🪂 right in the middle of a lesson on Lambda, part of the AWS options for compute. This video 📽️ gives you a real taste of the technical depth we cover. We managed to sneak in a Tom Hanks reference, too, so it was a good day.

Certification Course:
Quickly Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam
IT Pro
Skill Level
6-8 Weeks
Exam Questions

Part 1: Course Intro

Three topics introducing the structure of the course, lessons, and knowledge checkpoints.

Eight topics addressing all the IT concepts you should know before beginning your cloud computing journey. 

lesson on Storage for the AWS certified solutions architect associate exam prep course

Part 2: AWS Storage

Five topics with seven videos covering S3 architecture, S3 bucket names, S3 security, and S3 storage classes and lifecycle policies. S3 is the most widely used AWS service, so this lesson will help you with any AWS certification, especially the Solutions Architect Associate.

Two topics covering EBS and EBS volumes in depth, including the different hardware types for EBS volumes and how EBS differs from ephemeral storage and object storage

Three topics and five videos covering network storage like EFS, hybrid storage like the snowball appliance and storage gateway, and the AWS CDN CloudFront. All of these services will be covered in the storage domains on the Solutions Architect Associate exam.

Ready to Learn?


Two topics introducing you to the concept of Amazon’s Virtual Private Clouds and how they differ from your on-premises datacenter.

We dive deep into the AWS gateways, subnetting, security, VPC peering and endpoints in these six topics and eight videos. This lesson provides extremely thorough coverage because you’ll need a strong foundation here to get a great passing score for the Solutions Architect Associate exam.


Four topics covering every aspect of EC2 addressed by the SAA exam, including instance types, cost-optimization, and AMIs.

Three topics and four videos helping you understand the scenarios for the AWS autoscaling service and Elastic Load Balancers that are a favorite scenario for tricksy exam questions.

Is serverless really serverless? Find out in these two topics that explain serverless computing and help you to dive deeper into Lambda functions.

AWS is the most popular cloud to run containers and container orchestration services, so we have two topics that give an overview for how containers work on AWS and what you need to know for the Solutions Architect Associate exam.

AWS databases icon for the lesson on AWS databases for the certified solutions architect exam


Three topics and four videos that cover—you guessed it—running traditional relational databases on AWS, including RDS, Aurora, and Redshift.

If you’re not familiar with NoSQL databases, we give a brief introduction. Then we dive deep into what you need to know about DynamoDB for the Solutions Architect Associate exam, followed by the other NoSQL databases that AWS provides, totalling three topics in all.

Understanding caching is an important concept for both building performant web apps and passing AWS Certifications, so we cover two important types of database caches in one topic.

You had me at "ninja."

flat isometric icon for the decoupling lesson of the AWS certified solutions architect associate exam


In these four topics you’ll learn what decoupling is and get a good understanding of four important AWS services that will show up frequently as you study for the Solutions Architect Associate exam.


In the monitoring lesson, we teach four important topics that help you assess the health and capture important information about all your AWS cloud services. CloudWatch is of course front and center and understanding how it works will be important as you work through practice questions for your AWS certifications.

The Solutions Architect Associate exam only briefly covers deployment and operations, so in this lesson we give you a good foundation with two topics that don’t waste your valuable time.


Cloud security is paramount for the AWS ecosystem and is baked-in to every service, so we’ve already covered most of the concepts you’ll need to pass the Solutions Architect Associate exam. In the two topics of this lesson we take a closer look at the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and look at some of the advanced firewalls, like WAF and AWS Shield.

Encryption and key management are covered in each of the AWS services we talk about in other lessons, so in this topic and in the one on Identity and Access Management, we recap the encryption and identity concepts you’ll need to achieve your AWS certification.

Why get a cloud certification?

A recent survey shows that IT professionals with AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification earn an average of $149,000. What are you waiting for? 2020 has been a crazy year, so if you’re looking for a job or just a better job, getting certified as a solutions architect may be exactly what you need.

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If you study full-time, a monthly pass is enough. Most folks take 4-8 weeks of part-time study, so we offer a quarterly pass at a discount over the monthly rate. Super mega ninjas will get all the new AWS, Azure, and GCP courses we’re releasing over the next year with the annual pass (which is also the best value). 

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  • 2 Full-length practice exams
  • 130 question-explainer videos

Quarterly Ninja Pass

Renews every 3 months until cancelled
$ 16
  • 3 Months (save 22%)
  • Access your course instantly
  • 60 videos with text outlines
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  • 2 Full-length practice exams
  • 130 question-explainer videos

Annual Ninja Pass

Renews every 12 months until cancelled
$ 11
  • 12 Months (save 45%)
  • Access your course instantly
  • 60 videos with text outlines
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  • 2 Full-length practice exams
  • 130 question-explainer videos
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If you’re not finding enough value in your Ninja Pass, please contact us within 7 days for a full no-hassle refund. We’ll quickly process your request and also ask more about how we can improve so that the courses are more helpful to future ninjas!

Hi, I’m Steve! Here’s why I’m passionate about cloud certifications.

I’ll be your guide through this ninja training. I’ve been an engineer, architect, product manager and trainer for over 10 years. I started my AWS journey during the 4.5 years I worked as a Sr. PM at Amazon, where I learned to ❤️ the ☁️.

I love teaching certification courses, especially when I can use analogies, props, and graphics to make hard concepts easy to understand and remember.

Check out the list below for the certifications I’ve achieved. That’s 19 individual exams, all passed on the 1st try! 💯

SA Associate
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you watch the videos, take the practice exams and focus on improving areas of weakness, you’ll be well prepared. We’re constantly updating the course content to reflect the latest additions to the exam material.

No, you’ll need to register separately and pay the $150 fee (prices may vary by country/currency, but the exam content is the same around the world). Start with Amazon’s certification page to learn more.

We get two kinds of questions–why is The Cloud Ninja more expensive than some screenshare courses on popular course marketplaces, and why is it so much cheaper than dedicated cloud training sites? The answer is because we choose to deliver the quality of the dedicated cloud subscriptions, but currently only have one course (the Solutions Architect Associate) course. Rest assured that we’ll be rolling out more courses and charging more to better reflect our greater selection and continued high quality.

The SAA course took over 800 hours to research, write scripts, record/edit 60 videos and craft two full-length practice exams (130 questions total). Each video script is meticulously written and fact-checked and then we use a teleprompter to make sure that only the precise, correct, succinct concepts are communicated clearly. You’re benefiting from the distillation of a ton of information into bite-sized chunks.

Screen-sharing videos and practical labs are great for learning how to do a specific task on AWS–in the console, in the CLI, etc. But they don’t teach you why you need to do something. If the videos do dive into the concepts in addition to screen sharing, then each segment is 2x or 3x longer than it needs to be. We just focus on teaching concepts for understanding AWS and passing the exam. Then, you can go deeper with sites like to learn specific tasks at the time you need them (since the interface will change, don’t learn something and wait to apply it later). 

It’s extremely hard to photograph real ninjas. They’re sneaky and sometimes turn invisible! The cartoon illustrations (with our red and blue accent colors) were the next-best thing. In all seriousness, becoming a ninja is the pinnacle of skill as a martial artist, so that’s our goal for you: complete mastery of cloud computing.